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You have a Choice

By Esther

Your problems are gone, this can not go wrong.

If you really wanted something, you can reach it, that’s what some people say.

But that is not always the treu, it’s not always going that way.

Some of them laugh everything away and other’s don’t

Trying to teach you how you must live is not the right way.

Think for yourself, you always have a choice, everybody is free in that, that’s my vision

of life, it’s your own choice, not an answer you can give in multiple choice.

Try to do what you think is good, ans what’s the best thing for you what you think is a good choice,

don’t be to busy with what others thinking of you.

Talking too much is never good, it’s better than you something doing where you have joy and pleasure in.

You having a better feeling of yourself that way, than always listening to what others have to say.

There is nothing wrong with listening to advice, that’s never wrong and advice is always good.

But the only thing you do is your best, there is nothing more in a life that a human can live.

Every human is different, that’s a fact. See it under eyes and have a little respect


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