The moon and the stars


Standing there, just standing.

What is happening inside of me?

I want to touch the moon tonight,

and playing with the stars.

The moon with his endless wisdom,

with the stars around him.

The moon is watching and light up the night.

Stars around him shining so bright and one

of them in particular.

It’s the star that’s leading you the way.

Reach you to another level.

He shines so brightly it will blind you a little.

It gives me a special bond, so close to the

universe, together we are one.

A strong feeling, somewhere you a part of

as a human of this world.

And with that bright star in my mind,

i am going home tonight.

The moon still watching me with his

laughing face. I cherish this night and

going home with my head up high.

I lift my hand up and it seems to reach the sky.


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