The Essence of Life | Narrative Poem

The Essence of Life


What’s the essence of life.

The essence of life is that you like and want to live.

Being happy with the simple things in life.

The fact that you were healthy for an example, the most important thing in your life.

Not being healthy takes away a lot of your quality of living, you lose a lot of happiness if you are not.

Those people try still to go on, with all the power within, that’s what I the most admire of them.

And even with a disease, you can always find love again.

You will know for sure that they will love you for who you really are, they genuinely wanted to know you,

and that is something to cherish, something real.

Try always to be positive in life, how difficult it sometimes can be.

Try to keep strong and stable in your life, take good care of yourself, eat well, and sleep enough.

Do the things that give color to your life, things that you like and makes you laugh.

Having a good mood can do much for your health.

If you have a disease, feeling good in a kind of way will make the quality of your life a little better.

That’s how I see. I mean it will help you to carry your illness better a little joy in your life,

Can maybe make you live longer, you never know, it’s  just a thought, and maybe not everyone has

the same meaning about this at me, but maybe it works, you see.


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