Soul Forever Lost l Narrative Poem by JaredNera l Literary Chest

Soul Forever Lost

By JaredNera

It’s the popular group,
The highest of the social hierarchy,
A group you seek to join
With an unquenchable thirst.

It’s the popular group,
Always drawing an audience
Due to their charms
As they show off their abilities.

It’s the popular group,
They say whatever they want,
Good things or bad things,
And everyone likes them.

It’s the popular group,
You notice these traits,
Prompting you to copy
Their every move.

It’s the popular group,
Once you master their style,
You finally join them,
Accepting you in their circle.

It’s the popular group,
You finally meet your goal,
Calling for a celebration
Of your greatest accomplishments.

It’s a turn of events,
After you smile your biggest smile,
It gradually shrinks
As the day passes.

It’s a turn of events,
The happiness you feel vanishes,
Leaving you to fake it
All the way through.

It’s a turn of events,
You fear leaving the popular
Group because you believe
You have nowhere else to go.

It’s a turn of events,
Your soul disconnects
From your body, rendering
You a shell of your former self.

It’s a turn of events,
You forget about your true self,
Leaving you at the mercy
Of the popular group.

It’s a turn of events,
You turn into a true popular,
Your soul forever lost,
Unrecognizable by everyone.


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