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Ode to the Brokenhearted

By RasmaSandra

Brokenhearted lost in thought again,

remember that the world goes on,

your heart will mend again,

to make it easier smile through your tears.

Brokenhearted again the world continues spinning,

bring your thoughts to what you long for,

seek consolation and hope,

in friends and family.

Remember that even through the darkest night,

the stars still shine bright,

the morning will come

and bring along with it the sun –

the day will chase away the gloom.

Remember love as it was when it was new

and kisses were as sweet,

as sundrenched strawberries in summer.

When it seemed that after every storm,

a rainbow filled the sky

and most every cloud had a silver lining.

Time will release you from the pain,

precious memories will remain

and before you know it,

there will be a new love,

to fill your aching heart.

The days will be filled with sun,

a new love to make you smile again,

looking toward to a brighter tomorrow –

from now on no more sorrow…


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