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Giving Birth

By Esther

A newborn baby child.

Special and emotional a newborn baby child.

A little miracle, clean, washed and given in a blanket to the mother.

Mothers and fathers looking at the child, a special and intimate moment,

a new family ready for a new phase in their life, husband, and wife, and that little wonder

that they created you looked at them and enjoy, a nice thing to see, a new family with their

newborn luck, treated there baby so carefully, they will always remember this, a memory for life,

they cherish that moment forever.

When they grew up and going their own way, the parents of them will never forget that special moment.

They remember it the rest of their life and that they will always remember it no matter how old they get.

They are adults now and getting children of their own, the circle is round and they get newborn baby children again.

Be proud of them and giving them the best youth you possibly could give.

Loving parents with children, one of the most beautiful things that life can give.

Having a loving family and a happy childhood it’s so important when you grew up, give them the freedom they need to have when they are young.

 A time without sorrows, they get them enough at an older age, take good care of them, every child deserves that in his life.

Not every child has that, unfortunately, that’s the truth, but try to do what’s good, for your kids, it’s the best thing you can do


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