Esther Goesinne is a narrative poem by Esther on Literary Chest Community. She narrates her tale of traveling on the journey of life.

Esther Goesinne

By Esther

This is my land this is where I belong.

You can call me a chauvinist but there’s nothing wrong with that.

I don’t like vacations all over the world

Exiting story’s that’s what you here from people, they went everywhere.

Nice to listen to, but jealous? no.

It’s just who you are, a traveler or not.

A woman traveling around the world on their one, you must have the courage for that, isn’t it so.

They tell their story’s, I go here I go there, I go everywhere.

Nothing is far enough for them, I must say they are tough.

Call it old fashion, I don’t care.

You can be happy everywhere if you like where you are.

It’s just a thing that you like or not.

You don’t miss what you haven’t got


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