Colored World | Narrative Poem

Colored World

By Esther

Sometimes the world is colored, in nuances of grey.

The colors of my mood.

I want to get them back the colors.

Like a fresh painting.

I look up to the air.

And the sky is grey.

I have colored dreams, with pink and blue.

When shall my world at the day, being colored again?

I have no answer to it.

And then, one night, I dreamed of a door.

First I can’t find the key, but later I found it.

I opened that door, and I stood in a garden with amazing

beautiful colored flowers and I felt so happy.

When I awake, I was in a much better mood.

I opened my curtains and the first thing that I saw, was a

beautiful sky with blue and different nuances of red.

And then I remembered the dream with that door.

I found the key, it was just the key to a new chapter in my life.

It was the key to a new period of happiness.

My dreams turned out into reality, a beautiful experience

that I never shall forget, I enjoyed life at the fullest now,

I’m happy it is going to be this way. No words needy to say.


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