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Impossible Love

By Esther

Love makes the impossible possible.

Real love can do that, but what is real and what is not.

You can fall in love, that happens often in this world.

But sometimes you expect things, but deep in your heart, you knew the truth already.

You promise this, they promise that, and you know something ain’t right.

If you both have your doubts, then don’t take too many risks.

A drama for both of you, and not fair in a certain way.

You can reach out your hands and give some support, but always keep yourself in mind, look through

 What you got, and what you can loose.. It’s your freedom, you have the right to choose.

Love mus give you feelings  of happiness and joy, being comfortable with eatchother, so you can speak

freely without feelings of shame, you can understand eathother or not.

That’s what love is about, you can’t give someone something that’s not inside of you, wanting it so badly

and trying so hard. But it’s not real, it’s a dream that never come treu.

Stay in touch with yourself and the right one is coming for you


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