Whirl Seek and Discover

Whirl Seek and Discover

By Nada Amine Awar

Matter and spirit

Noisy and quiet

A timeless circle

Magnificent miracle

Of life and death

Poverty and wealth

A world designed

Just to remind

You to live in harmony

A peaceful ceremony

A fruit from a tree

With a seed to be

Falling on the ground

With a perfect sound

New trees are born

Old trees are gone

Baby trees extend

As the laws demand

The same with you

With humans too

You were babies first

Then youth and adults exist

To give birth to new born

Where elders return

From the spirit world

Back to the ground


Path continuation

A joyful trip

In peace you step


New beginning

Drops in the river

Flowing forever

From universe to another

Whirl, seek and discover


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