What shall you do by Nada Amine Awar

What shall you do?

By  Nada Amine Awar

When your 88 years old mother suffers from cancer

What shall you do?

Try to ease her pain is an answer

When her house starts leaking

When her ceiling and walls become musty

When she smells an impurity all the day long

What shall you do?

When the smell of painting the house is even more hazardous than must and humidity

What shall you do?

When your brother takes your sick mother to spend a night away from the terrible smell but can’t stay beside her

Can’t cancel a party that must remain till after midnight

What shall you do?

This planet is a stage for a sarcastic comedy

The polar ice is melting

The polar bear is facing extinction

So is the human family

Silently watch what is going on

This is what you can do


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