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By Esther

Your own thoughts can feel like a tunnel, darkness all around and you think; when did this come to an end.

Try to be patient, somethimes you can’t fight, let it go. it may be frightening, but take it slow.

Fear is what you felt, you don’t know what to do.

Keep mastering your thoughts, you must try to hold on, do not give up.

Stay quiet and try to focus on yourself, and try to keep in mind that this comes to an end.

It’s getting lighter around you and suddenly you see daylight and the dark clouds in your head are going away.

That’s what you been waited for, it feels good that your darkness dissapeared.

You see the things in another light, and you have had the courage not to give up, just to hold on.

Now you see things in another way, you say welcome to the world again. Lightness is what you feel in your head,

and you’re heartfelt less heavy than before.

You have been grateful this has come to an end you feel a lot better now, and you were proud that you don’t give up.

There are light and life around you, you can felt it in your heart again.

Your head feels a lot brighter now, the darkness has disappeared. Your fear has drifted away, focus on it, follow that way.

Keep on walking, the solutions to your problems are near. Move forward and try not to look back, what happens is gone.

Try to stay strong it’s better for you, your life felt better now, try to keep following the right way.

You where stronger now then you where before, move forward and you find the right door to open for a new chapter, that’s for sure.


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