The Maria of my native land

The Maria of my native land

By Nada Amine Awar

(Dedicated to my best friend Maria Maad)

The Maria of my native land

The one who certainly must lead

The laws she follows

Are hers indeed

Regardless of fake civilization

Of governmental posts and education

She lives to give an example

Of a brilliant mind with creatively ample

Her laughter vibrates around the planet

With colored echoes…. invisible current

Maria is a bless in my life

Whether together or apart

Talking about her fills me with joy

Heals any injury washes any annoy

You might be asking why I say

She is the Mary of our day

I am only telling a truth

A lady she is…. teaching the youth

Tomorrow without her

Will not come

For a planet

Suffering with each mom

Long live sweet Maria

I am with you

We are together

This is my clue


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