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By Nigel Da Poet © 2018

Life is no different from a cell
For life is hell
The truth ain’t hard to tell
Choking on that oppressed smell
Racial an segregated superiority
Classed lower than the minority
A vermin to be expelled
For the gift of life is not for them
True to the laws written by pen
Yet receives the shittiest end
Words of injustice bleed
Seen as terrorist threats
Blind eyes show no compassion
Yet seek to willing as blind sheep
Slaughtered to home an land
False wishes the blind politricks of man
Cries of the innocent fall deaf
Yet without peasant king has no land
For lands fall to the oppression
Gifted by the vision of one man
Rebuilt from the ashes under a union
To fall when greed an envy conspire
Formed from the jealousy repressed
Life ain’t no different from a cell
Confining inhumane and dark
All to choke a beautiful sight
A motivation that’s a peaceful plight

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  1. Bindu.K.S 10 months ago

    Revolutionary poem….

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