Sensitivity | Descriptive Poem


By Esther

There must be something,

Something in the air tonight.

That changes my mood,

I don’t know what it is, but it’s

giving me a good feeling, a kind of calmness

and inner peace.

I am standing outside and I smell the blossom

in the air, I enjoyed it so much. It feels like nature

is giving me a present today, a special gift.

It makes you feel glad that you are a living creature

on this planet earth. The things that make you lucky

can be so simple, like seeing a beautiful dragonfly, seems

standing still in the air, but you can see his little wings

moving so quickly a nice thing to see. It is just examples

but this kind of little things can make you happy, it seems

so unimportant for someone, you just have to have an eye

for it, a kind of sensitivity for these things.

I am glad that I am one of them, not everyone feels the same.

You can find it childish, but I don’t care, everybody must know

for themselves what they think. Never lose the child in you,

that’s what I say about it. Enjoy the beauty you see, feel, and hear

around you, it will make you happy, that’s my true.


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