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By Esther

Your lifepath.

You never know what’s happens, it’s a way of life.

Try to take the right way to focus on what you are, not getting

desorïentated and not knowing what you do.

Keep your mind strong, and try well to eat.

If you get that connection, you are a little further than where you are now.

Your way of living is your own journey, you must create it for yourself.

Silence is good sometimes, it gives your mind some rest. Living without making faults is impossible.

Forgive yourself, don’t get too insecure.

Try to see the things as they are not how it should be.

Acceptation is not easy for everyone, but sometimes it’s better, otherwise, you will be wasting your time, it makes

your life easier and better to live. Try and enjoy all the beautiful things that the world you could give

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  1. Bindu.k.s 10 months ago

    Ester,it’s a beautiful suggestion for a marvelous life..

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