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By Abhishek Neogi

A guest steps in, into this world called ‘Earth.’
As fate sets him, with fangs of ‘mirth.’

The earth becomes, his royal guardian.
As nature assists, his loyal custodian.

He spreads his wings,
Wings of glory.
Fighting with destiny,
Like a never-ending story.

He is hurled away,
As he is down and weary.
But he strides asway.
With conscious, dreary.

His enemy chides:
“Oh, angel of light!
What have you done?
To my friend, alas!”

As he clasps his hands,
Flaming with might.
Drawing closer,
To his foe insight.

He sighs away,
With his smile astray.
As fate reveals,
The only way.

The fire burns,
As he throws away.
All his hopes,
Which fetter astray.

But alas he finds,
The one and only.
Who stands aside,
Woe and lonely.

And all ends well,
As flowers adorn.
Bearing the swords of might,
With what he had sworn.

His smile returns,
As he bids farewell.
To the world of adventures,
In which he dwelled.

As the guest departs,
Another arrives.
With wings of glory,
Begins another story.



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