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Eternal Love

By Esther

I want to write your name.

Writing your name in bright letters

between the stars, and I write I love you

under it and then my name.

To let everybody know how deep my love is

for you.

I will catch the most beautiful star out of heaven,

and I giving it to you. If you move to the end of this earth,

I’m going after you, don’t matter where it is, as long as I

can be with you, I’m happy. I talked with the moon about you.

He knows everything and my secrets are safe by him.

I told the stars about you, and they are going to shine so brightly

then, I almost must cry. My stories are saved there, with the moon

and the stars.

I share my problems with them, and I know that they understand me,

I feel their energy. So darling, please don’t leave me. It would really break

my heart. My thoughts are always with you and my heart too.

Don’t break it darling, I don’t now how to survive.

Here is the star that I have caught for you out of heaven.

Here, I give it to you, he is shining so strong, just as strong as our love is.

Keep him, and look somethimes at this star, shining so bright.

As you look at it, you will never doubt my love for you, sweetheart.

Our love is meant to be, I know it from the start.


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