Brown Envelope by Sagar Datta Majumdar

Brown Envelope

By Sagar Datta Majumdar

There will be some nights, when you won’t get sleep,

When you won’t get sleep even after a long tiresome day,

There will be some long dues in your mind that you will be still unable to repay,

Your heart will be heavy and a feeling of disgust run through your veins,

An amazing sense of despair will hover upon you and keep you in pain,

Your mouth will taste bitter and your breath will stink,

The darkness in your room will appear to be a little more dark,

And the dog will bark a little less who disturbs you everyday  in your sleep sitting in the park,

You will change your sleeping positions and you’ll rub your eyes,

You’ll ask and convince yourself that everything’s okay,

You’ll be a little bit cold in this month of May,

You may or may not have a person beside you,

But the presence of him or her won’t matter much and that won’t be nothing new,

Your pillow will witness the struggle you’re going through,

You’ll rub your legs with your toes and drink a little more water,

But still you won’t get the sleep,

To this day, you’ll wonder more about every other thing,

You’ll listen to Dylan, you’ll listen to Sinatra,

And You’ll read about Cleopatra,

But you won’t have sleep,

And then just a pen and paper away, you’ll find me,

The pen along the sleep, you will know very well where to keep,

You’ll write a letter, or a song, or a poem or a big novel on me, on us or on what we could’ve been,

You’ll smile and smile while writing it,

The moon will shine a bit more brighter,

Your mood will get lighter and lighter,

You’ll finish up your writing and look up at the sky,

You’ll wonder who, where and why am I?

You won’t get the answer as usual,

You’ll put the letter in some brown envelope,

And you’ll keep the letter with you,

As you’ve always done, you’ll find a chance to post whenever you want,

But that day, you’ll have the best of your sleep, the one that you’ll always want to keep,

You won’t post it and leave the address space blank,

As they say, best things should always be spoken to self,

And again, you’ll get back into your life, your daily activities will hover you,

And a letter will increase in your pile of letters,

For someone, it’s something that hardly matters,

But the moon, the darkness, the dog and the pen knew how much it mattered,

And in some distant land someone will also write poems on you and how his dreams were shattered.


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