An Anchor l Short Poem by Esther at Literary Chest

An Anchor

By Esther

Every person has something in life that gives them stability.

It can be everything, religion, spirituality, your habits, or your work feeling accepted by others.

You can see it as an anchor, it’s already a needy thing to take the ship at the same place.

It’s good to have something that gives you the rest and the stability to have a thing in life that’s giving you self-worth.

There are so many different people, there are humans who love to be alone, others have the need to have people around them.

It’s important what you think that’s the best for you. Don’t listen to others too much, they can give you good advice, but it will always be you who decided.

You can see the things that you do as your anchor, your stability, always try to hold on, stay for the things where you believe in, it’s going about you and does not care what others think, your anchor gives you stability and makes you strong,

It’s giving you the power to move on.

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