Unexpected moments



Sometimes things happening when you were not expecting it.

And it can be things, that seem so little.

Someone you don’t know is smiling at you, you were busy with

something and some stranger is offering there help.

Seeing that your plants are getting flowers, which you not have

seen yesterday.

Talking with someone and notice by yourself that you have

butterflies in your stomach, from those little things that

puts a smile on your face.

That’s what life actually is all about.

If you only expect big things and having big goals in your life,

You don’t see the nice unexpected moments, that give life the

colors that they sometimes need.

Have an eye for it, your life will be much happier and you actually

are lucky and it seems to be with nothing.

But it’s this kind of moments that make life worth living, you know.

Moments that you not can pay with money, you get them for free.

Enjoy these moments, it will make you get a happy feeling, you will see.


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