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By Esther

Two souls, strangled in each other.

They are having a fight.

No winner and no loser.

Nothing to win, but more to lose.

Sacrificing for the other and looking for a compromise.

With the backs against each other now, who is the first

to turn around? Hoping the other does it again, look at

each other, and giving the other one a hand.

If you staying angry too long, it works like poison, it made

you weaker, that you normally feel.

Try to talk with the other one, after reaching the other your hand.

The hand of forgiveness, the best thing that you can do.

Getting to one door together again. It lightens your heart and gives rest

in your soul. Better for you both, the fight is over now. Finding peace

and talk is a better thing to do than that anger will always be a part

if you thinking of the other. Be friends again and try to understand,

otherwise, you have a fight that not is coming to an end.


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