To M.S. (A Sonnet) - Literary Chest by Shouvik Narayan Hore


By Shouvik Narayan Hore

I have heard, the look of a starlit night

Moved men to raptures; I never had felt

Such aweful serene, until once I met

One brighteous moon, in whose warmness thought

We would live beyond life- but thought was all.

As always in the Sun, the poet’s fate

Is one traumatic shake through love and power;

For he cannot invite that one Friend- hate,

For he cannot ransack a love filled dower,

And left he is! With God, man, and life,

The agony of truth he alone bears,

I have heard him say- “O ever-free lark!

Before this misery of Earth- this care-

I loved thee once.” And then the world was dark.


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