Closure by Chandrama Deshmukh l Literary Chest


by Chandrama Deshmukh

I inherited this moon
From wakeful longings
And forbidden laments
Of those like me – Misplaced. Detached.
This transcendent legacy, beaming bold
Gorgeous to witness, eerie to hold
Blinding. Brazen. Cold.
I inherited this moon
With all it’s eclipsed baggages
It’s wounds winding deep
In numb craters.

I see it transform
In our brittle love-story
In my seamless childhood
Your silhouette, dim. dusty.
My carousel, magical. misty
I sculpt it with my thoughts
This moon.

I inherited this moon
From my jaded ancestors
Who couldn’t keep a count
Of stars. Of scars.
And one day, just like them
I will hand it over
To someone
Whose incomplete poem
Longs a moonlit closure.


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