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A Turning of the Sea Grass

By Ken Allan Dronsfield ©

I turn slightly to the left to enjoy
the warm sunshine kiss my face.

I still don’t know who my mother or
father were, but that doesn’t matter.

I think about it from time to time, but
I always find myself with only thoughts
of birds, insects and harsh winds.

I rejoice as the tides rise and watch
with amazement as the little crabs
scurry about like shoppers during
Christmas eve buying one last gift.

The cat-o-nine tails are changing
color now, from bright green to a
light brown. Looking down, I see
even now I’m slowly feeling the
effects of Autumn; soon I’ll fall
away as salt grass turns to hay.

As days of the fall season pass by;
colors turn along the tidal pools,
ducks and minnows now disappear
and large flocks of birds head south.

Winter’s gift of frost and snow shall
finally pass and once again we’ll return
next spring as sweet green sea grass.


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