My friendship with Multiple Sclerosis: Nada Amine Awar

Every day I joyfully listen to John Lennon and chant with him “All we are saying is give peace a chance”. I use this song in a meditative ritual connecting with my inner body cells so that they stop fighting each other. I want my body cells to find a conflict resolution for their 30 years old war that caused my Multiple Sclerosis chronic disease.

What is scientifically known about Multiple Sclerosis is that it is caused by an internal war in the human body. Body cells declare a funny battle among each other and the result is such an incurable illness. The reason for this confrontation is not discovered yet.
Being born in a family with two medical doctor sons I was given a perfect medical care. In the beginning of my MS attack story, I got nearly paralyzed. Medical care helped a lot, but it was not enough. My medications had serious side effects like depression, suicide tendency, fatigue… etc., besides the disability to move properly.

Being a John Lennon fan and follower, I was convinced and aware of the real existence of his conceptual country Nutopia that he and his wife Yoko Ono announced its birth in 1973. There is no need for leadership in Nutopia. It is an entity governed by the cosmic law. Once you recognize that you are a child of Mother Earth and Father Sky then you naturally become a Nutopian citizen. My belonging to Nutopia guaranteed the freedom of choice for me to fetch for other universes if interested in order to broaden my visions. This fact led me to make friendship with Multiple Sclerosis; accept it; love it, and make conversations with it.
There is no limit in the sky; limits are only in our minds. Citizens of Nutopia do not need governmental records. Each of them is a strand in the web of life by nature. The cosmic law that is governing Nutopia with complete success does not need a bureaucracy, government, police, security agents, army, spies, etc. The sun shines and sets for free, the wind blows for free…etc.

A citizen of Nutopia is an ambassador for a peaceful country simply because war can be easily over if you want it to be over. There is no need for war in a country that has no borders; same as in a human body. My citizenship that was deepened during my illness treatment could easily and efficiently relax my neurological system. Especially and I had a mental and an educational base for that.
I got a master degree in political science from the American University of Beirut but Mahatma Gandhi was the only teacher who could show me a real truth. Mahatma Gandhi led me to read, hear and live Rabindranath Tagore’s poetry, writings, music, and universal thought which was and still is a real fountain for my spiritual uplifting.

After I read Chief Seattle’s “Message to the Modern World” I was alert about environmental degradation. I became an environmental activist who could collect signatures for the petition that was submitted to the UN so that the first UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) could be held between 3 June and 14 June 1992 in Rio.

In order to get up on my feet again, I first emailed His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama for spiritual assistance: this was and still is basically vital in my case. Native American music, meditation, and spiritual thoughts were also and still are a joyful treatment that the wind naturally delivers to me wherever I might be.
Now I can easily hike, walk, run, climb the stairs…etc. I asked my doctor if he can medically tell in case I can make it and get fully cured. He smiled at me and said yes: The MRI can show

Nowadays I am more active, joyful, and more fun to be with “as my little niece Noura put it”. The latest MRI shows that my case is better. The doctor reduced my medication from three injections per week to two. This is fair enough for someone who has nearly paralyzed 30 years ago. It also gives hope to all Multiple Sclerosis patients whom I happen to meet.

I really wish that the whole materialistic world can make it and live in peace one day; A world which is suffering a global Multiple Sclerosis because of continuous war among its nations. You may say I am a dreamer… but I am not the only one… as John Lennon put it in his peace anthem “Imagine”.


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