Submission Guidelines

At, we enjoy amazing poems and also allow others to enjoy some of the most wonderful poems. To do so, it is needed to follow some of the important guidelines. Here are some of the guidelines that you agree to follow.

Original Poems

You should not publish someone else’s poem under your name. This is stealing and forgery. Make sure that you submit a poem that is your own original creation.

The Theme Of The Poem

Provide a description of the poem so that the readers can connect with the poem and also with you better. After you have submitted the poem, always try to fill the description part with some lines that describe the poem and its theme well.

Comment, Share and Rate

When you will read, comment and rate the poems of your fellow poets, then only they will read yours. Make sure to read and leave an activity on at least 5 poems a day. This will help your poem also get activities such as comment and rate.


The poem will be published under your name itself.

Bad Comments

When someone puts a bad comment on your poem, you will not like it, right? Similarly, you are also requested not to provide any rude comments on any one’s poem. If you did not like content, you can simply leave the page to read something better. If you still wish to suggest the poet something, you can send him or her message in person.

Reporting and Improvements

We can improve only when you help us improve. If you find any bug or an abuse anywhere in the site, you can immediately contact us and can mail us at @@@@@. We will immediately fix the bugs and will take care of the reported abuse.

Being Decent

Just being rude is not the only thing from which you should refrain while on the site. You also need to maintain decency. You should not put any type of sexually explicit image of content on the site. Also while commenting or reviewing, you cannot use any such language that is taken as an abuse or as per the violation of community. You cannot put anything that is against the country or the community or something that can harass or hurt someone in person.

No Cheating Entertained

Cheating will not be entertained here at You cannot create multiple accounts and post stock reviews on the site. Also, you should not post any such link on the site that is affected by any malicious elements. Your profile can be banned if any of the content interferes with the working of the site

We can make this artistic place beautiful only when you provide us with your support.


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