Image Usage Policy

The site allows you to use the images used in the site only for your personal use. But apart from this, you agree that you will not use any of the content of the site for modification, changing, transforming, publishing somewhere else or distributing somewhere else without the prior permission of the The only thing that you can do is either download the content or take a print of it only for your personal use, without dealing it with any kind of commercial use.

You agree that all the images and content on the site are the property of and use of any such content will lead to copyright violation. Only if you are the author or creator of the content, then you can use the content at other personal places such as Facebook, Tumblr and others.

Usage of such content cannot be done for the purpose of commercial interests. This will not be taken as personal use and hence it will be taken as violation of intellectual property.

Any organization or any individual, thus, cannot use the images and content of the site for any commercial purpose, without any prior permission from the site. If such an activity is found and the copyright rule is violated, then this may lead to penalties.


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