How To Submit The Poem?

All the poems can be easily submitted under ‘submit your poem’ tab of the site.

How Many Poems Can Be Submitted At One Single Time?

If you are submitting your poems directly on our site, then you can submit just one poem at one single time. But if there are many poems in your collection and you do not have that much time to submit it one by one, then a fair deal will be to provide a link to your facebook page or some other page where you can already be uploaded your poems. We will pick up your poems from that page to upload on our site.

Which Poems Are Actually Published?

Not all poems submitted are published of course on your site. Our dedicated editors are in the work of checking all the submitted poems in terms of the quality of the poem. If the poem passes by quality check of our editors, then only they get published on our site. Whether the poem is published or is rejected, we notify you through a mail notification.

Copyright Of The Poems

The poems posted on the site are published only along with the name of the author of the poem. If you are sending a poem of someone else’s in your name, then on the recovery of the truth, you will be banned from the site. If you feel that your poem has been published on the site under someone else’s name, you can contact us immediately with the URL links where your poem was originally posted. We will immediately remove the poem published on our site.

How To Get The Poem Published?

We understand that there so many poems published on our site and searching for your poem are difficult. So, an easy way out for you is to search for your poem with its name in the search bar of the site.

Can The Content From Be Used Somewhere Else?

This is a question that may indirectly lead to copyright issues. You can use the content from our site, only if you are providing the name of the author as well as our site name, wherever you are providing the poem. In case if such attributes are not provided with the content, then this will lead to copyright issues.

The Poem Is Not There On The Website

If you are not able to see your poem on the website and you have not yet received a notification email, then there are two chances. First is that your poem has been rejected and the second is that your poem is in the queue and will be published soon. We advise you, thus, to wait for the email notification!

Posting Of The Comment

Similar to the poems, all the comments are also reviewed by the reviewers before getting it posted on the site. If the comment has not been posted yet, then either it is in the queue yet to be reviewed, else it has been rejected for any sensitive or abusive content.

Logging On To The Site

Logging on to our site is quite easy. You just have to sign up with us and follow the instructions that are provided. From next time onwards you can easily sign in with your username and password.

Getting In Touch With Other Poets

We have a page where the names of all the poets from our site are displayed. You can easily click on the name of the poet and visit their profile. You can now either comment on your published poems or can even send a personal message to start your conversation.

I Don’t Have My Question Listed Here

If you are not able to see a question here in this list, that you want to ask, then you can simply email us your query at [email protected]


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