Terms And Conditions

On visiting and using the services of the site literarychest.com, you agree to follow all the terms and conditions offered on the site. You agree to the fact that you are legally bind with the agreement of the site and hence anything against it will lead to violence of the agreement. If you do not wish to get attached by the legal agreements of the site, then you should not use the services provided by the site.

Proprietary Rights

You agree to the term that anything content or item in the site literarychest.com may have confidential information and may be subject to trademarks that are protected by property treaties and laws. The site allows you to have a view of the contents items and even to make a copy for just personal, offline or non commercial use. These contents and items shall not be distributed or sold out without the prior permission of the site. Any content with a third party trademark is also considered as reserved.

Service Provisions

The site can modify or improve or may discontinue with the services at any point of time without any prior notice to the users. The site will be not responsible if this hinders your accessing to the information on the site in any way. You also agree to the point that the services are provided to you as a user through affiliated entities.

Submission Of Content

Whenever you are submitting a content on the site of literarychest.com, you are abiding by the agreement that the site is free to modify and publish the content publicly. You agree that you have offered the authority to the site to do so.

Agreement Termination

All the agreements mentioned on this page will not be held terminated, if it is not ended by both the parties with a notice.

The Warranties

You agree that when you are using our services, you are taking all at your own risk. The site literarychest.com does not offer any kind of warranty or endorsement about the content that you submit or your use from the site. Of course the copyright points are unique cases where the site may intervene when needed.

Liability Limitation

The site literarychest.com makes this clear that any kind of damage to your business or reputation will be not linked directly or indirectly with the site. The site will be not held responsible for any of such damages for any of the users. Any loss of content or information will not be taken care of by the site and you cannot claim for any of such issues.

External Content

You understand and agree that the site literarychesct.com does not directly endorse to any of the advertisements that has been displayed or included in the website as a third party external content.


You can take step in bringing in legal notice from a court of the country against any the agreements provided by the site. If the court has provided the jurisdiction that any of the agreement point from the site literarychest.com is invalid, the site will discontinue with that particular point.

The Entire Agreement

You agree with all the above terms and agreements of the site literarychest.com. There may be some other agreements later on when you purchase the services from the site.



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