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Literary Chest has been impeccably planned and designed by a poetry enthusiast, who passionately started writing poems when he was in the 10th standard. By the time he was in college, he had learnt the hard ways of life, as he hailed from a middle-class family and he realized that his family requires his financial support more than he is in love with his poetry. He started off his career as a digital marketer. But deep within, the flame to create new virtual platform for literary enthusiasts, poetry and story writers, never died down, as he didn’t want the talents to fade away into oblivion. At present he manages a new digital marketing group named CIMAC. Along with this venture he has created this extraordinary online space, for outstanding talents to express themselves through their literary qualities.

Besides expressing yourself through your literary works, you can interact and communicate with fellow experts and amateurs in the field of literature, on our online forum. Yes, we have a group of eminent literary experts and writers associated with us. Moreover, there will be a lot of gifts up for grabs for various contest winners on our website. You can also earn money through your literary works like poems and stories with the passage of time. We have the ability to foster great web traffic, which will promote your literary works in our excellent online platform.

Submit your poems and stories and get started. You can contact us directly and we will be there to help you each time you need help. Please read the submission guideline before submitting your poems and stories.

Why Armadillo in our Logo?

¤ Armadillo has today become a near extinct animal due to their extensive killing and consumption by the human race. So, all we want is an awareness to save these amazing animals.


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