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Flowers of Love

By Bibhakar Dutta ©

Oh the flowers of love,
Blooming everyday
And teasing him every night
In the garden of desire,
Do you have no fright
That someday his faith could become so gray?

Here love wishes to stay,
Here love always wants to play.
See the perfect pair
Weaning like an infant aged just one year,
Pertaining the fame filled
With a poetic spear,
And with a strong breath,
can easily strike heard
In the heart of a garrulous faith.

Oh the flowers of love,
Do you feel the joy
For which you always acclaim?
Can you easily tame
A thoughtless wanderer’s way?
Will he be besotted in rapture
With your fascinating fragrance?
In that arid heart love can play?

Look, may he be a thoughtless man,
May he be a wanderer travelled a long way,
But he is wide-awake yet,
Poetic mood sometimes might be embellished;
Love pours some gleeful sense in that vacant heart
While he walks through a warm desert.
Love will rule his heart and will always stay!
Says that the flowers of love.


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