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You are You will

By Shobha Sundharam

Oh Lord You are my Saviour,

You taught me how to pray with fervour

Every time I fold my hands to pray

I can sense that You are with me

And You seem to say

With you, I will forever be

whether night or day

I thank you for being my friend

I who feared how my life would end

You extricated me from my spiritual mess

That had for some time seem to possess

my whole body and mind

Till such time your Holy spirit dwelt in my heart

My life journey truly moved to make a new start

Oh Lord ! You are so loving and kind

Thank You for finding this lost sheep

So I pray that in your refuge

You will always keep

So that never would I be thrown into the dark abyss

That the devil had thrown me when I had not known You

There are only few

Who are fortunate to be blessed

To be taken out of the misguided spiritual deluge

I will be happy to be led

Only by You Lord

For You are the only omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God


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